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Links to Chinese Storytelling and related topics

Yangzhou storytelling Pi Wu The Idler (Pi Wu Lazi) is online
and you can listen to it at

Kate Stevens
The Canadian storyteller and sinologist Kate Stevens tells traditional Chinese tales in English.

Professional Chinese Storytelling
By Mark Bender

Chinese Folk Performance Traditions
By Mark Bender

Chinese popular novel related to oral storytelling
Tales of Magistrate Bao and His Valiant Lieutenants: Selections from Sanxia wuyi
Translated by Susan Blader

Chinese storytelling
Two master storytellers and one amateur performer from Beijing, China, performed in the Goodhart Music Room in April as part of an academic tour organized by Susan Blader, Professor of Chinese at Dartmouth College. Renowned Beijing oral narrative artist Lian Liru performed stories in the tradition of the Lian School of Storytelling. She is the first female performer of the northern pingshu style, told without singing or musical accompaniment.

Book review: Vibeke Bordahl ed., The Eternal Storyteller: Oral Literature in Modern China, Curzon 1999. File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML: Articles by Andre Levy, Nikolai Speshnev, Wilt L. Idema, Adrian Chan, Helga Werle-Burger, Boris Riftin, Susan Blader, Mark Bender, Lucie Borotova, Chen Wulou, Fei Li, Wang Xiaotang, Li Xintang, Dai Buzhang, Hui Zhaolong and others

Conference of the European Association of Chinese Linguistics, Rome 2001
Paper by Vibeke Bordahl: Dialect and Norm in Yangzhou Storytelling.

The International Workshop on Oral Literature in Modern China, organized by Vibeke Bordahl, 29 - 31 August 1996, Copenhagen, Denmark. By Wilt Idema. IIAS Newsletter

Traditional Performing Arts in Taiwan
Text and talk: classical literary tales in traditional China and the context of casual oral storytelling.Author: Chan, Leo Tak-Hung. Source: Asian Folklore Studies v. 56 no1 (1997) p. 33-63 ISSN: 0385-2342 Number: BHUM97020004 Copyright: The magazine publisher is the copyright holder of this article and it is reproduced with permission. Further reproduction of this article in violation of the copyright is prohibited.

'Writing clubs', organisations of men of letters in China who engaged in the writing of plays and other performance literature. By Stephen H. West and Wilt L. Idema. (Adapted from The Indiana Companion to Chinese Literature)

Liu Jingting (1587-ca.1670), 'father of storytelling'. Account from 1634 by Zhang Dai (in Chinese)

Materials from Journey to the West, Xiyou ji (in Chinese)

Teahouses and storytellers' houses in old Beijing (in Chinese)

CHIME European Foundation For Chinese Music Research