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Yangzhou - A Place in Literature:
The Local in Chinese Cultural History

Yangzhou Club

The Yangzhou Club is a cross-disciplinary platform and meeting ground for researchers who are interested in the old cultural town of Yangzhou, situated at the junction of the Grand Canal and the Yangzi river.

We invite scholars from the fields of Archaeology, Art History, Cultural Studies, Film History, History, Linguistics, Literature, Media Studies, Oral Traditions, Social Sciences, etc to join the Club. It is our interest in some aspect related to the town of Yangzhou that joins us in a common field.

Workshop and book 2005-2009
Lifestyle and Entertainment in Yangzhou

Workshop and book 2010-2015
Yangzhou — A Place in Literature

You are welcome to join us. Please write a letter about your interest in the Yangzhou Club, adding a list of publications and/or other relevant documentation.

Send your letter to:
Rüdiger Breuer
Vibeke Børdahl