Chinese Storytelling Research Database
The Wu Song Project



The textual sources of the database are organized into three main categories:

Items of the database

Inside these main categories a number of genres are listed, in which stories from the Wu Song saga of the Water Margin are found, first and foremost texts containing the tale of Wu Song and the tiger. Every instance of this tale is classified a an item of the database with an item number, bibliographic information and links to the following renditions of the item:

  1. Scannings of the original sources in Chinese.
  2. Transcriptions into computerized characters. The character versions strive to follow the original textual versions closely, using the same character forms as far as possible. Standard and non-standard forms, simplified and complex forms of characters are applied according to the original texts.
  3. English translations
  4. Audio- and videofiles

Textual analysis of the items

Each item of the database that represents a version of the tale of Wu Song and the tiger is analyzed according to a number of features, listed below: