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Yangzhou Oral Performance Culture
Genre definition:     Oral Performances
koutou biaoyan
Drama performances
Local opera
difang ju
Yangzhou opera

Wu Dalang zhui qi

Wu the Elder pursues his wife
Performed by Wu Jinshun, Dai Junru e.a.
Audio cassette recorded by China Record Co.﹐ Shanghai
Private collection of Vibeke Børdahl
Recorded on 06-1991 : Yangzhou (?)
Performance of Yangzhou opera, Yangju. Commercial cassette 1992, with text inserted into the cover, adapted by Wei Ren, musical accompaniment by Yangzhou opera orchestra, Yangjutuan yuedui. The text found in Wei Ren: Yangzhou xi kao, 1999, is longer and more developed than that on the cover of the cassette, but basically the words of the cassette represent a selection from the version in Wei Ren 1999.

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