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Xu Guiqing   徐桂清

Xiaoer guo nian - 小二過年
Xiaoer celebrates New Year
VCD (Anonymous)
Yangzhou : 11-1998
The main protagonist of this piece has the same name as the waiter in Wu Song fights the tiger, namely Xiaoer (Little Secundus). This story is also a play in Yangzhou opera, Yangju. In modern versions of this play Xiaoer is named Pi Wu, like the rascal in Qingfengzha. I am not sure about what kind of connections there are 1)between Xiaoer of the present Yangzhou xianci and Xiaoer of the Wu Song story in Yangzhou pinghua; 2)between Xiaoer of the former play and this xianci and Pi Wu of the later play and the novel and pinghua.
Non-commercial VCD , 1998-11 Private recording, gift from Fei Li to Vibeke Børdahl