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Wang Shaotang   王少堂

Di yi hui: Yi, Jingyanggang da hu - 第一囘: 一, 景陽崗打虎
Chapter One: 1, Fighting the Tiger on Jingyang Ridge
Modern Print
Told by Wang Shaotang, published 1959. Reprinted 1984.

Wu Song da hu - 武松打虎
Wu Song Fights the Tiger
Audio Tape (Nanjing Radio)
Nanjing : 1961
Performance by Wang Shaotang, 1961, Nanjing. Radio broadcast, Nanjing Radio 1961 (copy 1998, prepared by Nanjing Radio as a gift for Vibeke Børdahl). Ca 30 minutes, only the first part of the episode of Wu Song and the tiger. Published in Chinese Storytellers and Yangzhou pinghua tantao.