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Wang Litang   王麗堂

Di yi hui: Yi, Jingyanggang da hu - 第一回﹕ 一﹐景陽崗打虎
Chapter One: 1. Fighting the Tiger on Jingyang Ridge
Modern Print
First part of the First Chapter of the Ten Chapters on Wu Song, published as Wu Song

Wu Song da nao Feiyunpu - 武松大鬧飛雲浦
Wu Song Goes Wild in Flying-Cloud Ponds
Audio cassette (China Record Co.﹐ Shanghai)
Shanghai : 1985
Performance by Wang Litang, 1985. Published as double cassette by China Record Co. 1986. Extract published in The Oral Tradition of Yangzhou Storytelling.

Wu Song da hu - 武松打虎
Wu Song Fights the Tiger
Audio Tape (Nanjing radio)
Nanjing : 7- 8-04-1998
The two first days (20 minutes each) of Wang Litang: Wu Song 50 days on Nanjing Radio 1998, taped from radio by Fei Li﹐ and donated to Vibeke Børdahl

San wan bu guo gang, Jingyanggang da hu - 三碗不過崗﹐ 景陽崗打虎
Three bowls and you cannot cross the Ridge, Fighting the tiger on Jingyang Ridge
VCD (Yangzijiang yinxiang youxian gongsi)
Yangzhou : No date
No. 1 and 2 from 12 items. Commercial VCD, 2 disks.