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Mao Qinming   毛欽銘

Huo shao Baihualou - 火燒百花樓
Burning of the Hundred Flower Pavillon
Audio Tape (Anonymous)
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Private tape recording (A + B), ca 60 minutes, Fuzhou storytelling, Fuzhou pinghua. Probably performed in the late 1990s. Probably a gift from the Beifang quyi xuexiao, Tianjin 1997, but my memory is not clear. The performance starts with the performer beating a small metal bell, and then singing for several minutes. He beats his xingmu (awakening board) regularly throughout the performance and sometimes on hears the fan being opened or closed energetically. After the initial song he tells in prose, with only two or three small poems inserted during the first half an hour. The poems are sung, not recited. During the second half of the performance there less poetry and song, maybe only once. The main portion of the performance is thus in prose, clearly Fujian dialect all the way through.