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Hui Zhaolong   惠兆籠

Yue xia chuan dao - 月下傳刀
Swordplay under the Moon
Audio cassette (Vibeke Børdahl)
Performance in Daguangming shuchang, Yangzhou : 10-10-1992
"Swordplay under the Moon". After Wu Song has killed the tiger and been appointed a constable in Yanggu District, he is sent on a mission to the Eastern Capital. During his trip he meets the old master Zhou Tong who teaches him a lesson of the martial arts. Cf. Item 24.
Alternative title of the episode: Qiao yu Zhou 巧遇周侗 Tong Meeting Zhou Tong by Chance, cf. Item 24

Qiao yu Zhou Tong - 巧遇周侗
Meeting Zhou Tong by Chance
Audio cassette (Vibeke Børdahl)
Daguangming shuchang, Yangzhou : 10-10-1992
Alternative name for the performance 'Yue xia chuan dao' Sword Play under the Moon. Cf. Item 2. This performance was published as Qiao yu Zhou Tong in The Oral Tradition of Yangzhou Storytelling. Later published as Yue xia chuan dao in Chinese Storytellers.
Same performance as Yue xia chuan dao, Swordplay under the Moon, cf. Item 2.

Wu Song da hu - 武松打虎
Wu Song fights the tiger
Audio Tape (Vibeke Børdahl)
Yangzhou Teachers College, Yangzhou : 9-5-2000

Performance of 25 minutes, part of a larger program with various artists, in front of a large audience of students and teachers at Yangzhou Teachers College

Qiao yu Zhou Tong - 巧遇周侗
Meeting Zhou Tong by chance
Audio Tape (Vibeke Børdahl)
Daguangming shuchang, Yangzhou : 16-5-2000
This episode is also called Yue xia chuan dao Swordplay under the Moon. Published in Chinese Storytellers.

Chen Yi guo Jiang - 陳毅過江
Chen Yi crosses the Yangzi River
Audio Tape (Hui Zhaolong)
Yangzhou : 5-1996
Audiotape prepared as a gift from Hui Zhaolong to Vibeke Børdahl in connection with the conference in Copenhagen August 1996
Performed in Copenhagen, August 1996. Published in extract in The Eternal Storyteller 1999.