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Genre definition:     Oral Performances
koutou biaoyan
Performance genres
pinghua, pingshu
評話, 評書
Yangzhou storytelling
Yangzhou pinghua

Qian San guo (30)
前三國 (30)

First Part of Three Kingdoms in fifty days of storytelling (day 30)
Performed by Fei Zhengliang 費正良

VCD recorded by Li Xin and Chen Wei ( 李新﹐陳偉) Recorded on 15-05-2003 : Yangzhou (揚州)

The collection of 360 VCDs, corresponding to the entries of the catalogue in Four Masters of Chinese Storytelling, are deposited in the research libraries of Library of Congress, Washington D.C., Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing, Academia Sinica, Taipei (Fu Ssu-nien Library) and Danish Folklore Archives, Copenhagen.
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